Selling Online on Instagram in Australia: How to Use Instagram’s Shoppable Posts

Selling Online on Instagram in Australia: How to Use Instagram’s Shoppable Posts

With the launch of new Instagram’s feature – shoppable posts, selling online on Instagram just got a lot easier!

On Instagram, the best way to connect your followers with your brand was through the link in your bio or Instagram stories. However, with the new feature presented by the Instagram team – Instagram shoppable posts, the brands can provide a seamless experience for people to shop online directly from the posts.

Shoppable posts are Instagram’s next big thing in becoming more business-friendly social media platform. Thanks to this feature, the users on Instagram can complete their orders without leaving the app.

If you are running a Shopify store, you can connect your store with Instagram and sell your products directly on social media.

With 80% of Instagram’s 800 million users, giving people the option to shop immediately within the Instagram app, makes a perfect sense.

With the new feature, Instagram has made it easier for online stores, businesses and brands in Australia to reach its customers. The Instagram posts are marked with the sign “Tap to View Products” or small white circle.

Wondering how to get started with selling online on Instagram in Australia?

There are a few requirements you will need to check off before you get started with selling online on Instagram:

  • You must be located in the US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Italy, or Australia
  • You need to own an Instagram account
  • You must use the latest version of Instagram on Android or iOS device
  • Your business must sell physical products that adhere to Instagram’s commerce policies
  • Your business must be connected to a Facebook catalog. In order to create one, you need to use Shopify or other ecommerce platforms.

As long as you meet the above requirements, you can add the Instagram sales channel to your Shopify store at no extra cost. Once your store is approved, you can select the feature by choosing Shopping (in the Business Settings) in the Instagram app.

Shoppable posts are great to connect with your audience, spread the word, and drive more customers to your store. Here are two options you may consider:

  • You can create a Facebook catalog with Facebook Business Manager
  • Create a shop on Facebook with Shopify

Once you start selling on Instagram, it is important to keep experimenting with photos, shopping tags, copy, and anything else that can contribute to your business and Instagram sales success.

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